• We simply convert your old boring plastic debit/credit card into a customized METAL (stainless steel) card.
• We create the design your desire by laser engraving the information.
• The EMV chip gets transplanted to your new METAL card along with the information from the magnetic stripe.
• The new card will fully function as your old plastic card with both magnetic stripe and EMV chip so that you can Swipe it and Insert it. The Tap and Pay feature will not work. We recommend that you use your smartphone for this function if you need it. Its also much more safe since you have to identify yourself before payment will work. But you will of course have all reasons to use your new fully customized METAL card for everyone to see it!
• PerkPiece AB is NOT a credit/debit card company. We do NOT offer credit, reward programs or points. We ONLY upgrade plastic (or other) debit/credit cards (with magnetic strips & EMV chips) by engraving your personal design on the new METAL card.
• There are NO APPLICATIONS. NO ANNUAL FEES. NO MINIMUM PURCHASE. NO CREDIT CHECKS. You can get a METAL credit/debit card if you have any plastic card that you would like for us to convert into METAL. No matter what card or bank you have. Simple as that!
• To be able to have a fully functional METAL card you will have to ship us your existing plastic card. We will then transfer all the data from your old card to your new METAL card. We transplant the EMV chip and we transfer the data from the magnetic stripe aswell! This is both done with special technology. 
• We will also ship the old plastic card with no chip and still working magnetic stripe back to you with your new fully customized METAL card.
• Please note that once we remove the EMV chip from your original plastic card, that card will no longer be functional. You will be using your new metal credit card instead. 
• Then we simply ship back the your new card in a luxurious package to your door! 
• PerkPiece AB always GUARANTEES a safe process.
PerkPiece AB promises that the quality and design is what you desire or MONEY BACK.
• Through the combination of our SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encrypted website as well as our secure transaction processing system, we GUARANTEE safe keeping of your personal information when in possession of your card(s). As well as IMMEDIATE safe disposal of the information when not.
1. We are a incorporated company.
2. We have a physical location (Mailbox #)
3. PerkPiece.com and it’s regulations ensure a safe and secure checkout every time. Choose the payment method that fits you.
4. SSL Encrypted website which does NOT require card numbers to be input for card customization, this way your card information is never saved!
5. Magstripe Converter Machine (MCM) AUTOMATICALLY erases card information upon 1 minute of inactivity and/or next card insertion.
6. ALLWAYS traceable packages.
• From your checkout purchase, to the arrival of your new METAL card at your door, our average estimated delivery time is 4-5 days (2 for your card to come in, 1 for manufacturing of your custom METAL card, 2 for Express Delivery of your cards to you. Both old and new).
• We do always focus on giving you the safest and fastes service that is possible without compromising on quality. Therefore you will be without your card for as short time as possible.
• We make absolutely every design you desire! Your wish is our command.
• The card is completely custom to you. We want you to think carefully for what you want us to laser engrave to your new personalized METAL card.
• Feel free to play around with our interactive website so see what your card would look like with your name and logo. Or feel free to email us on info@perkpiece.com to let our in-house graphic designers create a mock-up for you!
• Always start to design your card on our website, and if you are missing anything just email us!
• It is very important to know that you can always upload a logo or image to your wish, however, you as a buyer take FULL responsibility in acknowledging that the image are not copyright.
• We create cards that are 100% personalized and supposed to be for personal use only!
• Remember to upload high-quality images, preferably Vectorized with transparent background. Our website will convert the image for you.
• Anyone and everyone will love a fully luxurious customized METAL card. From the smallest materialist that just wants to stand out, to the person that is always manages to break her/his plastic card. Following are some unique benefits:
1. A METAL card is really clean and when cleaned 99% of germs will die. In this times Its very vital.
2. A METAL card will probably never breaks. With high quality stainless steel its unbreakable. Comparable to a plastic one it will last forever. 
3. If you manage to drop it you will definitely hear it when it hits the ground and you can immediately pick it up and therefore never lose it! 
4. You can easily cut up boxes with the hard METAL card.
5. Always giving you the feeling of exclusivity.
6. Express your individuality and make your card unique by choosing to have one in pure METAL that meets all highest standards!
• Yes, it does work in ATM machines. But It is not recommended to use these METAL cards in ATM machines where it is swallowed entirely and you are not able to have a grip on it. The problem with some of these machines it that the metal card is too stiff for the rollers to eject the card properly. The card could get stuck in these machines. It is only recommended in machines where the card is inserted but there is a part of the card that is still exposed to be able grasp it if is does get stuck. 
• Your original plastic card will still work in the ATM machines without the EMV chip as well. 
• You can also certainly setup your smartphone to use the contactless feature (Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, etc.) to access the ATM machines. A bank representative will certainly help you with that if you ask. Remember that this feature is always safe.
• If your METAL card does get stuck in these machines, walk into the bank with your ID to claim your card back. 
• Your new METAL card should work everywhere your plastic card works. Since the only difference now is the housing for the EMV chip is no longer sitting in your plastic card but a METAL one.
• No, it will not. But you can always use your smartphone to enable “tap and pay” with your phone if this is something that you would like to keep.
• But believe us, none of our customers want to tap when they receive their fully custom METAL cards, the look on your server/teller/store clerk/etc. face when they feel the weight and look at the personalization of the METAL is priceless.
• The tap and pay (contactless) feature is very tricky. Some of the antennas are actually in the plastic card themselves. Some are only on the EMV chip. It is hard to tell without removing the EMV chip first.
• If the antenna is in the plastic card then the “tap and pay” feature will no longer function. If it is in the EMV chip only, then it will work if the frequency is strong enough to pass through the metal of the card. The metal will be blocking the frequency emitted from the EMV chip and will not be able to register at the POS machine. However, we prefer to go with the statement “tap and pay” will not work.
• Yes, we transfer the data from your plastic card over to the metal card.
• Some POS machines (mostly the older ones) could have a hard time reading the magnetic strip since it is on a metal card. They might have to be swiped 2-3 times for it be read. Some rare cases it might not be read it all. Although very rare, this is a problem once again only with the older POS card readers since they were designed to with old less accommodating software.
• Yes, this is available for purchase at checkout as an extra option to feel safe. It gives you onetime replacement METAL card if yours is lost or stolen within the first 365 days, as well if your card expires within 365 days (1 year) from original purchase date we cover a new one. We always recommend to add this insurance to feel safe. You never know if you lose it. Remember that this insurance is possible for onetime replacement. You can choose another design/logo on it but it will come with the same card holder name. You will have to pay shipping for the new card.
• PerkPiece AB will only provide warranty for the ORIGINAL purchased defective card for up to 60 days from date of order.
• Lost, damaged and or stolen cards do not fall under warranty but will be replaced if you have previously purchased the add on insurance at checkout (just pay the shipping).
• Defective* means: Magnetic strip is separating from the metal card, or no longer scans and/or is not being read by charge card machines. (Be advised not all card readers are the same; please ensure the consistency of the problem before contacting us). Accidental demagnetization of the card is not covered under warranty. Some POS machines are built different than others, try multiple before contacting us.
• CONTACT YOUR BANK IMMEDIATELY. Treat the loss of your METAL card as if you had lost your original, bank-issued card. We suggest contacting your bank immediately and discussing what options you have to protect yourself against fraud. NOTE: All banking institutions monitor member card activity via the 16-digit card number printed on the card—they do not monitor the plastic card itself. Thus, report your bank-issued card as lost or stolen, EVEN IF THE BANK-ISSUED CARD REMAINS IN YOUR POSSESSION. (Some banking institutions even provide real-time fraud alerts.) PerkPiece AB does not warranty lost or stolen METAL cards.
• If you have purchased the add on insurance at checkout we will create and ship you back a replacement (1 time) METAL card if it is within the first 365 days of originally purchase date.
• Clients with their bank institution apps can track, in real time, if any unwanted transactions occur throughout the estimated 7 day card reconstruction process. Allowing them the peace of mind that their funds are protected.
• However, for complete peace of mind, clients can submit either a frozen/locked or inactivated plastic debit/credit card for maximum security in transport!
• Due to the nature of the material and inherent byproduct of swiping any type of payment card threw a card machine; our cards too will show signs of wear & tear just like any other. Scuffing is inevitable. Yet, the coating/plating used to create our cards are “permanent” and would require deliberate action to remove. Thankfully, PerkPiece AB does offer a comprehensive warranty in the event a card shows signs of manufacture defect.
• A fully customized card is NOT possible to return since it is personalized for you. Once we made the card for you it will not be able to return.

We are in the business of making custom cards for our long-term customers. What we offer is a very unique product and we are in a very unique business, and with that we pride ourselves in gaining your trust. We do not store any of your credit card information in anyway. We only transfer the data from your card to your new METAL card. 

Please realize, in order for us to produce a fully functional custom design card of your choice, you will need to ship us your card. There is simply no other method for us to do so without it. We do not ask for your PIN, social security number, pass code or anything of that sort. However, if you are still concerned, you do have the option to send a debit/pre-paid card with zero monetary funds available. Or a card that has not been activated or freeze your card during the time we process your order. We do not store any card information (unless instructed by you to do so for issuing future card updates) after we have made your custom card – we have it only for the time needed.  Once your new METAL card is complete, all of your personal information will be deleted. 

You are also welcome to come to our lab facility where we can make your card while you watch as your card is designed right before your eyes. Our lab is located in Borås, Sweden.

• Yes, we do offer international orders, however we reserve the right not to deliver to some countries depending on customs and taxes.
• When shipping your card to us make sure that you send it as a GIFT CARD and not a CREDIT/DEBIT CARD.
• We request that you use DHL, Fedex or UPS.
• Material: Stainless Steel
• Size: 85.60 mm × 53.98 mm (3.370 in × 2.125 in)
• Weight: 24-28~ grams (Heavier than AMEX Black Card and others)
• Thickness: .8mm
•  Available variants: Premium Gold and Premium Black. More to come! Stay Tuned.


In order to use a photo, logo or design with this application, you represent and warrant that:

-You are the owner of the content or the content is in the public domain.

-You have the legal right and authority to reproduce this design.

-You have no knowledge as to any third-party claims regarding the intellectual property.

-The content does not infringe the rights of privacy, celebrity, moral or other rights of any third party.

-The work is not defamatory or obscene

-The content does not contain illegal material

-The content does not contain material which denigrates or attacks any person based on race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, or the like.

We reserve the right to object to engraving material that may conflict with this copyright declaration.

• If you have any of these rare EMV Chips we cannot work on your creation. Please email us and we will help you.